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INSynergy is the Premier Alcohol and Drug Rehab Treatment Center in St. Louis, MO.

We provide an alternative approach to traditional 12- step and AA treatment programs.

We are guided by evidence-based treatments and the latest advances in alcohol and drug rehab, allowing for the effective treatment of addictions to tobacco, alcohol, heroin, and opiates.

Our innovative program incorporates FDA approved anti-craving medication, counseling, psychiatric and psychological services. These latest advances in treatment help people resume their productive lives.

If you have tried other treatments that haven't worked or you just didn't know where to start, INSynergy may be able to help you.

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Why Choose INSynergy?

painless heroin detox


Get detoxed from heroin, pain pills, or alcohol, and feel normal within hours.
We use FDA approved medications to detox your body safely.

coginitive behavioral therapy


Comprehensive psychiatric and psychological services treats addcition related issues like depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and anxiety.

outpatient rehab st. louis


Outpatient solution with minimum disruption to family, academic and professional life. And of course, it's highly confidential.

Client Testimonials

I cannot tell you how much INSynergy has helped me get my life back. I went from missing a lot of work and putting my marriage in jeopardy to getting a significant promotion and consistently spending quality time with my wife and kids.

- a 28 year old suburban father of two
Within days, I was a new person and felt as if I had been reborn. Dr. Taca's facility offered daily counseling, weekly therapy sessions and ongoing medication that were adjusted accordingly.

- a 48 year old business owner
Vivitrol saved my life!

- a 42 year old Physician

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