INSynergy takes pride in providing cost effective drug rehab and alcohol rehab treatment. INSynergy offers a
6 month, outpatient, private substance abuse program and does not take insurance at this time.

The table below shows the current cost of drug rehab at INSynergy:

Treatment Program Length Total Cost Discounted Cost
Medical Detox Only
1 Week

Brief Stabilization
3 Month

Payment Plan:

Down Payment $2500 1st month
$1250 monthly payments (2) equals $5000


$250 discount if payment is full at time of enrollment.
Phase I
6 Month

Payment Plan:

Down Payment $4500 1st month
$900 monthly payments (5) equals $9000


$500 discount if payment is full at time of enrollment.
Phase II
6 Month

Payment Plan:
Down payment of $3000
$600 monthly payments (5)equals $6000


$500 discount if payment is full at time of enrollment.

** Medication and labs cost not included.
*** Must have successfully completed 6 months of programing to avail of discounted Aftercare (6 month) price.


Phase I includes complete access to the following:

  • medical and psychiatric services.
  • medical detox as outpatient if required.
  • individual psychotherapy.
  • cogitive behavioral thearpy (CBT) workshops.
  • group psychotherapy (cognitive behavioral therapy)
  • couples and marriage counseling.
  • weekly family supportive psychotherapy.
  • diet and nutritional counseling

Phase II is an optional after care program. After successful completion of the Phase I Program, clients are eligible for a discounted rate for Phase II program. Close to 80% of INSynergy clients voluntarily continue with Phase II because of positive treatment response and improvement in quality of life

** There are discounts and payment plans available for both programs. Please contact us at (314) 649-7867 for more information.

INSynergy Financing Now Available!!!

Don't delay effective treatment that may save your life because of lack of funds.

INSynergy is proud to assist potential clients the financing they need to get treatment ASAP.

Remember that you are investing in your health!

Nothing is more important in life than your life.

Financing highlights:

  • 0% APR Introductory financing up to 18 months for qualified applicants.
  • No mandatory payoff.
  • No back accrued interest charged.
  • Interest is applied to only the remaining balance going forward.
  • There are never any costs to apply
  • Applying is easy. Fax the simple, one page form or call ( it only takes a minute)
  • We can help you finance from $200 to $100,000

INSynergy works with independent brokers that can find 0% interest short term credit.

Fill out the application with the link below and get an immediate approval, sometimes within one hour. No Application Costs

Information about financing:

  • Credit lending is through contracts with revolving credit card companies such as Capital One, Citibank, and Discover.
  • If qualified, you can receive 0% interest for at least 12 months or more.
  • Interest would be charged on any remaining balance only after the 12 month period.
  • Rates start in the low teens based on credit history, typically 10-18%.
  • These are all individual credit card accounts with no provision for joint application. Each applicant is considered separately.

To inquire for more information contact:

M-Lend Financial

The Cost of Other Drug Rehab Programs

From the National Substance Abuse Treatment Services Survey (N-SATSS), the average cost for inpatient programs was about $7,000 per month.

Higher end, exclusive rehabs on the coasts can easily go between $20,000 and $40,000 per month! Hospital stays can run $2,000 per day.

Although INSynergy does not accept insurance at this time, INSynergy significantly costs less than other drug rehab programs..

Contact INSynergy for more information