34 year old, female, teacher, mother of two

I had admitted to myself that I had an alcohol addiction long before I took naltrexone and had failed at every attempt to rid myself of the uncontrollable craving up to that point. Nothing worked. I attended AA meetings, went to an outpatient 12-step program, read all kinds of books on how to manage and/or stop my drinking; but the consumption of alcohol only increased and became worseI was at the point where it was affecting my job, relationships, finances, and health

Realizing that AA was not the path for me, I did a Google search and discovered INSynergy. I called their office and made an appointment to see what made them different. I was astonished to learn about a medication that would help reduce my cravings! It sounded too good to be true. On top of learning about the medication, I was attracted to the CBT approach as I felt that I really needed someone with professional counseling experience to talk to (as opposed to another addict and/or sponsor).The medicine and CBT approached combined with the fact that I didn’t have to go away to a rehab center or miss work made it appealing.

But would it work? The decision was easy as the facts were plain and simple. I was drinking too much, too often, and had already tried various methods with no positive results. All I wanted was to get back to the “old me” that I knew before alcohol took control. Without a second thought I enrolled in the program. I cannot tell you how much INSynergy has helped me get my life back. I went from missing a lot of work and putting my marriage in jeopardy to getting a significant promotion and consistently spending quality time with my husband and kids.

The naltrexone immediately decreased my craving and I was soon sleeping better, eating better, and getting more exercise. The cognitive behavioral therapy (both individual and group) played a HUGE role in helping me identify my problem thoughts and allowed me to act upon my addiction – not be acted upon. I was soon making better choices and living a more structured, organized, and disciplined life. This approach to addiction treatment is unique.

But if my personal results are any indication, it is also the future. The old way of thinking about addiction is outdated. I learned that it isn’t an incurable disease that I need to white knuckle through one day at a time. Dr. Taca and his staff are life-changers. I recommend INSynergy for anyone dealing with addiction, and would even suggest it for anyone wanting to improve their quality of life.

The only suggestion I would make is for naltrexone to do a better job marketing their product and the programs that accompany its use. It’s a shame that this wonderful medication and treatment program isn’t more common in a world where addiction can be so harmful.