60 year old, RN, Addicted to Pain Pills

For years I had been using pain pills for an injury I had years ago. I knew I needed help when I started thinking of diverting them from the patients on the unit I worked on. At that time I Googled and found Insynergy.

Dr. Taca and his wonderful staff took me in and made me feel at home from the first evaluation. I was detoxed with suboxone and over time tapered off and put me on a monthly Vivitrol shot. I’m hoping that I can live without Vivitrol but at this time I feel relieved that even if I relapse on pain pills the medicine will block the effects.

I was also diagnosed with ADHD! All my life I was told that there I had so much potential but “something was wrong with me” and some people even called me “slow” because I would have trouble focusing and remembering things. Now that I am treated for this, my performance has improved at work, I’m not so impulsive, and my mind finally has slowed down. I feel normal now.

When I was growing up, they didn’t have a medical or psychological term for what I was experiencing. It makes alot of sense because two of my children are getting treated for this and have been doing well for years! At times I feel like I wasted alot of years struggling but I’m thankful now that the staff at Insynergy helped me get sober and give me the tools to finally have a quality of life I thought I never would see.