Outpatient Addiction Rehabilitation at INSynergy

INSynergy is a comprehensive 6 month outpatient program involving monitoring your response to medications, nutrition, physical fitness, individual therapy, and group Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This is not an AA or 12-step based program. CBT groups are offered both during the day and evenings. All patients are encouraged to attend a many as possible. Individual sessions […]

Flanagan Counsels from Experience

Eric Flanagan overcame his own additions and now is a counselor at INSynergy. He graduated from St. Louis Com- munity College with an associate degree in human services. When Eric Flanagan counsels a patient with a substance abuse problem, he speaks from experience. Flanagan, a substance abuse associate counselor for INSynergy, overcame his own addition […]

Dr. Arturo Taca, running for ASAM post

CANDIDATE FOR REGION VII: REGIONAL DIRECTOR 1.  What are your greatest contributions to ASAM and the field of Addiction Medicine? I have been a general ASAM member since completing psychiatry residency in 2006 and then immediately became the medical director of a local addiction program. I then opened two local, popular, private, outpatient, 6 month, […]

TIPS for success for INSynergy clients

SUCCESS TIPS FOR PATIENTS    Get started right away on your treatment plan.  Work with our staff within the first week of treatment to develop your individual treatment plan. Dive into your treatment plan.  Becoming fully engaged in your program will ensure your commitment to change and improve your rate of success. 3.  Take all […]

Features of INSynergy program

Features of the INSynergy Program Include: • Immediate outpatient medical detox for alcohol and opiates like heroin or pain pills Provides an alternative to AA and other 12-step programs • Comprehensive psychiatric and psychological services • Individual, group, marriage, family, diet and nutritional counseling • FDA approved anti-craving medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol used for […]

What is INSynergy?

1.       Can Addiction be treated effectively? Yes. Addiction is a treatable disease. Discoveries in the science of addiction have led to advances in drug abuse treatment that help people stop abusing drugs and resume their productive lives. 2.       Can Addiction Be Cured? Addiction need not be a life sentence. Like other chronic diseases, addiction can […]

About INSynergy

INSynergy is committed to implementing scientific advancements and discoveries in the field of addiction medicine. Advancements in anti-craving medications for alcohol, opiates, and nicotine, along with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy allow INSynergy to treat persons as outpatients without disrupting busy lifestyles. INSynergy believes that treatment does not have to be a painful, humiliating, disruptive experience. One […]