34 year old, female, teacher, mother of two

I had admitted to myself that I had an alcohol addiction long before I took naltrexone and had failed at every attempt to rid myself of the uncontrollable craving up to that point. Nothing worked. I attended AA meetings, went to an outpatient 12-step program, read all kinds of books on how to manage and/or […]

Kicking and Screaming!

Age: 20 Occupation: Student currently taking time off Drug of Choice: Alcohol Age of first use: 14 History With Drugs: I started drinking and smoking cigarettes and weed at the age of 14. It started as just use on the weekends but progressed pretty rapidly. I started smoking weed every chance that I got. I […]

My anger issues have disappeared…

Since 1993, I have struggled with opiate addiction. In the past 16 years, I’ve gotten married, had two children, started two businesses and been in 10 different drug treatment programs. Of those 16 years, I have been sober a total of 6 years and been on probation 3 of the 6 years. All in all […]

I was spinning out of control, and my world-and everything in it was crumbling down around me

I had become an addict to pain pills. It had started quite harmlessly-back surgery, knee surgery-and the next think I knew, I had to have them-daily, and in large quantities The worst part was that I felt hopeless. I remembered reading an article about Dr. Taca and his approach to addiction recovery. I made one […]

Vivitrol saved my life… A 42 year old physician

Vivitrol saved my life, my career, and my family. I had gone through so many treatment programs without much long lasting results. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the INSynergy program where I found out that there were FDA approved medicines for cravings for my alcoholism! Very ironic because I was an MD also […]

60 year old, RN, Addicted to Pain Pills

For years I had been using pain pills for an injury I had years ago. I knew I needed help when I started thinking of diverting them from the patients on the unit I worked on. At that time I Googled and found Insynergy. Dr. Taca and his wonderful staff took me in and made […]

My Mood was CRAZZYYY!!!!

I’m not joking when I say that my mood was crazy. At times I thought I was going crazy. I was doing things so recklessly that when I look back at them I feel embarrassed. I was doing things without thinking about them, I was reckless with money, sex, and thought at times I was […]

Dealing with family became enjoyable again, instead of scary

My experience at INSynergy began and finished with a real person who I got to know and trust. from the first phone call inquiring about the program, to my exit interview/evaluation on my last day, I was treated as an individual. INSynergy offered the basic out-patient services as other comparable programs, but once involved it […]

I was a 53 year old alcoholic with my life going nowhere

I would like to thank Insynergy for giving me my life back. I was a 53 year old alcoholic with my life going nowhere. I wanted help and needed people to show me the way. Dr. Taca and his staff of counselors were just the right people to help me. They are all caring and […]

INSynergy gave me power over the most powerful influence in my life

This note is long overdue. I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards everyone who makes up the INSynergy team. I came to INSynergy as a 40 year old male that had been struggling for years with alcohol. As life was spiraling out of control, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. […]