Cognitive Behavioral Therapy For Addiction

Therapy for Addiction Completes the Treatment

Not many people even like the word “therapy”. It brings on a connotation of sitting on a couch doing a deep dive into multiple levels of your childhood, upbringing, and so on. Some may view it as this process where everyone sits in a circle and makes up reasons to smile.

The reality is this…You didn’t fall into addiction because you were happy. And what’s going to help you along that path to recovery isn’t necessarily going to be happy either. You’re going to need something real and immediately applicable – here and now. That’s what INSynergy is committed to provide so you can keep addiction behind you.

And that involves reflecting on the negative thought patterns, or belief system that led to your destructive habits. It’s going to take something – or someone – outside of yourself to help get you there.

Cope Effectively with Addiction Therapy

Therapy for AddictionMedication or devices that help you through detox are great, but those tools alone won’t keep you from relapsing.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) gives you the external tools to use for the internal conflict you’ve been facing.

Life can be hard. And there’s no guarantee that it will be easy. But learning to effectively cope with the daily challenges it brings can mean the difference between plummeting to your lowest point, or working toward life goals that bring true fulfillment.

Peace can be found within progress. And working with a therapist can help guarantee that progress stays in motion…as long as you give yourself a chance and put in the effort. Counseling gives you coping skills, and empowers you to replace that “negative” with something positive.

INSynergy Can Guide You to a Brighter Place

Our counseling includes individual, family, and group sessions to ensure you get the support you need now – support that can help you reach a brighter place with your recovery. Our counselors have expertise in a wide variety of areas – even beyond just the subject of addiction. Many times, addiction can be the byproduct of a root cause, and our counselors are equipped with the skills and knowledge to work on that cause.

Call INSynergy TODAY and get started on your path to continued recovery and success.

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