Dealing with family became enjoyable again, instead of scary

My experience at INSynergy began and finished with a real person who I got to know and trust. from the first phone call inquiring about the program, to my exit interview/evaluation on my last day, I was treated as an individual. INSynergy offered the basic out-patient services as other comparable programs, but once involved it was clear to me it was a step above.
I recieved monthly vivitrol injections, group and family therapy as as weekly visits with a pscyhiatrist. All these services were monitiored to form a plan for my recovery from alcohol dependency. Never a fan of group sessions, I looked forward to INSynergy groups. The advice I took from these sessions truly helped me deal with my own situations and individuals who challenged my life.
My individual counselor helped me explore deep seeded issues in a non-threatening manor and truly became my friend and advocate. Dwelling on the past was not the issue but a positive and hopeful future was always stressed. INSynergy allowed me to walk a path of treatment at my own pace, never judging if I stumbled, but rewarding effort and courage to be me.
My life at home was more productive and satisfying as I learned to trust myself and my choices.
Dealing with family became enjoyable again, instead of scary. Trust was rebuilt by all and mostly trust in myself as a person, wife, mother and daughter. . . just happened. I lost alot of my life making poor choices and INSynergy allowed me to realize it’s ok to let go and forgive myself. The future is all anyone truly has and this program helps you really see if.
This program helps you really see it. This program is a healthy start for someone determined to live a life without dependency. The price is not a follar amount but a priceless staff who do care and let you know it everytime you walk through their doors.