Drug Rehab Recovery

INSynergy OfficeThe INSynergy After Care Program (PHASE II)

The drug rehab recovery process does not end when an individual completes our rehabilitation programs. Continuing support upon completion of drug and alcohol treatment is the key to a healthy recovery from addiction. Treatment is just the beginning of a lifelong process of growth and recovery in all areas of life that have been affected by drug addiction and alcoholism. Most participants do very well with the new tools they get from our 6 month Phase I program. Some want more.

Although we encourage our members to follow up with their primary doctors, some MD’s might be hesitant to prescribe FDA medications for addictions or other psychiatric medications. Some enjoy the relationships they establish with our therapists and doctors and would like to continue to be involved with the program. Many request our doctors to continue to prescribe anti craving medications until changes are completed in their personal lives. At this time we offer an additional 6 month aftercare program after successful Phase I. The cost is for Phase II aftercare is $6000.