Features of INSynergy program

Features of the INSynergy Program Include:

• Immediate outpatient medical detox for alcohol and opiates like heroin or pain pills

  • Provides an alternative to AA and other 12-step programs

• Comprehensive psychiatric and psychological services

• Individual, group, marriage, family, diet and nutritional counseling

• FDA approved anti-craving medications like Suboxone and Vivitrol used for detox and maintaining sobriety

  • Outpatient solution with minimum disruption to family, academic and professional life
  • Patient advocacy if needed
  • Highly skilled team of Interventionists that plan for a painless transition into the INSynergy Program.
  • Highly confidential


Benefits of the INSynergy Program Include:

• Get detoxed from heroin, pain pills, or alcohol, and feel normal within hours

  • Psychological issues like depression, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and anxiety,  are effectively treated while risk of relapse decreases
  • Includes the whole family system
  • 6 month program allow gradual improvement in all aspects of life.