Heroin Withdrawal Gets Pioneering Treatment from St. Louis Doctor

Riverfont Times St. Louis | To break a heroin habit, an addict must live through the personal hell known as withdrawal. Like a debilitating flu, the process afflicts the body with fever, tremors, nausea, muscle aches and diarrhea. And those symptoms might not even be the worst part.

“With the flu you don’t have this component of fear, this unusual preoccupation with dying in pain,” says Dr. Arturo Taca, a board-certified addictionologist who runs a clinic based in Creve Coeur. It’s all too common for patients to return to drugs after just a few days of anguish, he says.

But a little more than a year ago, following his own preoccupation with neuroscience, Taca deployed a groundbreaking treatment helping addicts defeat withdrawal. The results are generating waves of interest in addiction clinics across the country.

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