I was spinning out of control, and my world-and everything in it was crumbling down around me

I had become an addict to pain pills. It had started quite harmlessly-back surgery, knee surgery-and the next think I knew, I had to have them-daily, and in large quantities The worst part was that I felt hopeless. I remembered reading an article about Dr. Taca and his approach to addiction recovery. I made one phone call and the next hour I was in his facility with my mother. After an extensive exam, lab work and counseling, I was given prescriptions for medication that would make the initial withdrawal period painless and aided in any cravings that I felt. Within days, I was a new person and felt as if I had been reborn. Dr. Taca’s facility offered daily counseling, weekly therapy sessions and ongoing medication that were adjusted accordingly. I cannot begin to offer enough praise and Kudos to Dr. Taca and the staff for their outstanding program and their cutting-edge approach in both drug addiction and alcohol rehabilitation