INSynergy gave me power over the most powerful influence in my life

This note is long overdue. I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards everyone who makes up the INSynergy team. I came to INSynergy as a 40 year old male that had been struggling for years with alcohol. As life was spiraling out of control, I was fortunate enough to be referred to Dr. Taca at INSynergy as my first (and only) place for help. With much hesitation I met with Ashley and Dr. Taca. Within a few appointments I was able to understand the disease. I believe the scientific approach and treatment plan provided by your team was the only way any of this would ever made sense to me.

The one-on-one sessions I spent with Rick truly helped me understand the emotional toll my struggles had taken on me and the ones close to me. Equally as important, they helped me understand how the brain reacts to and perceives alcohol. This program focuses on positive changes ahead of you not dwelling on all the negativity of the past.

The Alumni meetings on Saturdays might have had the most profound effect on me. I never dreamed that anyone could be as bad off as me. Hearing their stories and how they overcame their battle was what gave me the most hope. Listening to them explain how much better their life, health, and relationships gave me goals that were real and that mattered.

My main point… INSynergy gave me power over the most powerful influence in my life… alcohol. My relationship with my wife has never been better. I am present for my kids every waking moment and I hope and believe the extreme amounts of stress I put on everyone around me has been greatly reduced.

Thank you to the entire INSynergy team for giving me the confidence to battle, having the ability to tell me things I didn’t always want to hear, for always being one phone call or meeting away, for providing incredible mentoring and counsel, and most importantly having the faith and compassion to help me through this journey.

Paul S.
Alcohol Addict