Online Video Tele-Health Service now offered at INSynergy

INSynergy is first to incorporate Video Tele-Health into its already innovative program. INSynergy uses telemedicine software that lets you teleconference with our clinical staff with high-definition video and audio in HIPAA-compliant visits that allow face-to-face interaction. You can use a remote device, such as a laptop or phone, during the consultation, from your location – either in your office or even at your home.

INSynergy’s innovative telemedicine solutions delivers high-quality addiction counseling to patients over a secure video chat, connecting with patients on their own schedules and from their choice of location. INSynergy clients appreciate the availability of telemedicine, since they can conveniently keep their appointments with minimal inconvenience and without the commute. Although tele-medicine is not a replacement for traditional patient care, it is a useful service that many INSynegy clients love to use.