Outpatient Drug Rehab

Outpatient Rehab

Outpatient Rehab at INSynergy (PHASE I)

INSynergy is a comprehensive 6 month outpatient rehab program involving the monitoring of your response to medications, nutrition, physical fitness, individual therapy, and group Cognitive Behavior Therapy. This is not an AA or 12-step based program. CBT groups are offered both during the day and evenings. All patients are encouraged to attend a many as possible. Individual sessions are held a minimum of once a week. Underlying family dynamics, marital issues and employment issues and legal issues are best addressed in individual sessions initially.

What to expect during Phase 1


Initial Visit

Starts with a free and confidential consultation with our Program Director. He will determine whether INSynergy is the best fit for their specific addiction. If detox is required then our Medical Director will offer best treatment options after a very careful psychiatric and medical evaluation. A baseline panel of blood work is drawn to help establish if organs such as the liver or kidneys have been affected by drug or alcohol use.

Painless Detox

Oftentimes, persons addicted to alcohol, benzodiazapines, opiates, pain pills, and even cocaine and methamphetamines will require acute detox to avoid uncomfortable withdrawals or even death from seizures. At this point, our team of medical doctors and psychiatrists will determine whether a detox can be achieved as an outpatient. At times we will suggest short inpatient stays at local hospital settings for a high level of care. Most of the time detox can be achieved safely as an outpatient with proper psycho education of medications and symptoms of withdrawal.

If needed, INSynergy has made arrangements with a local hospital for a short 3 day detox that is covered by medical insurance. A 3-day hospital detox is separate from the INSynergy program. After inpatient detox and stabilization, one can be discharged directly into the INSynergy program to continue outpatient care.

Psychiatric Evaluation

Untreated or poorly treated psychiatric conditions oftentimes will accompany substance abuse. Our team of Medical Doctors and Psychiatrists will carefully re-assess co morbid psychiatric conditions such as Bipolar Depression, ADHD, anxiety, and treat accordingly.

Anti-Craving Medications

Many people and even other MD’s are unaware of several FDA indicated medications studied and approved for cravings of alcohol and opiates. INSynergy will offer all medications such as Vivitrol for drinking, Suboxone for opiates and heroin, and several other medications to treat mood disorders that are useful in keeping persons happy and sober.

Although these medications are helpful and many times life saving, these are not cures. They are TOOLS to help persons get the most of their individual psychotherapy and help them understand the biology of addiction.

Aftercare Options

If members are interested, there are several types of aftercare solutions after the initial 6 month outpatient program. This can include access to your psychiatrist, group and individual sessions, and medication management for continuity of care.