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To better understand what the Vivitrol Clinic Program is, and how it enhances your patients experience with you, we’ve put together this program overview.

What is Vivitrol?

Vivitrol is a once-monthly long-acting injection of non-narcotic anti-craving medications FDA indicated for alcohol and opiate dependence. In order to receive this medication, patients must be free from all opiates. If your patient may require detox but is wishing to detox from the comfort of his own home, our detox program may be the right fit.

The 10 Day Outpatient Detox

For Alcohol: Detox from alcohol can be life-threatening and it is important for this process to be medically supervised to decrease the risk for the patient. Your patient will be seen in the office daily to every other day for the assessment of withdrawal symptoms and to make medication adjustments as needed for successful outpatient detox. Features of this program include using medications to reduce the risk for seizure, medical evaluation (blood work, urine toxicology, genetic screening, and other screening tools needed based on patient condition). The objective for most would be to transition patient to use of Vivitrol.

For Opiates: While generally not a life-threatening process, patients are in extreme discomfort both physically and psychologically. At INSynergy we have revolutionized this process with a device which has been FDA indicated for opiate withdrawal called the BRIDGE. INSynergy was the first location to use the device and is the only local option currently. The BRIDGE is used when a patient is in moderate to severe opiate withdrawal. After placement, research has shown an average of an 85% reduction of withdrawal within 30 minutes. For remaining withdrawal symptoms, non-narcotic comfort medications will be used and adjusted based on the symptomology of the patient. Patients will be seen daily to every other day as well as have direct contact with our clinical team remotely a minimum of 2-3 times daily.  The objective for most would be to transition patient to use of Vivitrol.

A Collaborative Approach To Treating Addiction

Features of this program are to ensure a collaborative approach between present treatment providers and our office. For this reason, patients will be seen by one of our psychiatrists for prescription of Vivitrol with follow up every 3-6 months. Release of Information must be signed by the patient to collaborate with one or more of their providers to be considered for this program. A report with status changes, due dates or any other remarkable changes for the patient will be sent to your office along with a copy of the confirmation urine toxicology report after each injection. If a patient becomes late for his/her injection our team will reach out to you so that we can work together to acquire the best possible outcome for the patient. This medication is generally covered by insurance with most commercial insurances accepted at our facility. Vivitrol also sponsors a co-pay assistance program to decrease co-insurance and deductible amounts, reducing patient responsibility even further. Learn more about program costs and financing options available here.

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