Vivitrol Only Program


For clients that have completed other programs or currently in another program and have remained abstinent from alcohol or opiates, INSynergy now provides a Vivitrol Shot Only Program. Services are billed to your insurance providers. (Co-pays and deductibles may apply)

How Vivitrol Works

In close collaboration with your treatment providers, INSynergy can now provide monthly Vivitrol shots (Naltrexone IM) to you.

Along with a comprehensive recovery program and psycho-social support, such as counseling and self-help groups, Vivitrol shot (Naltrexone IM) has been shown to be effective in reducing alcohol consumption blocking the effects of opiates, reducing cravings, keeping patients engaged in treatment, and assisting in sobriety.

Vivitrol (Naltrexone IM) is FDA approved for the treatment of alcohol use disorders and opioid use disorders.

Vivitrol works in the brain by blocking opiate receptors. This once a month Vivitrol shot also reduces the release of Dopamine that has been found to be responsible for rewarding and reinforcing behaviors linked to addiction.

For Alcohol Dependence, Vivitrol shot has been demonstrated to have the following effects: Vivitrol reduced heavy drinking days by 92% in patients who were able to abstain for 7 days. Patients treated with VIVITROL demonstrated a greater reduction in days of heavy drinking than those treated with placebo.

vivitrol shot

For opiate addiction, Vivitrol shot has been demonstrated in a six-month, placebo-controlled trial to have the following effects:

  • 90% remained opiate free versus 35% for placebo
  • 50% decrease in craving for opiates from baseline
  • 53% completed 24-week treatment program versus 38%
  • Maintained 168 days in treatment for Vivitrol versus 96 days for placebo
  • Less than 1% relapsed into dependence versus 14% for placebo

Vivitrol Advantages:

  • Once a month injection – increases compliance
  • Non-narcotic
  • Not addicting
  • No street value

Advantages to incorporating Vivitrol Service into your personal program:

  • Assurance of the most comprehensive, evidence-based therapies to you.
  • Improved access to personalized treatment for addiction
  • Continuity of care and better outcomes for you.

Adding medication to psycho-social support is now considered “evidenced-based practice.”

Enhance your treatment experience with state of the art treatment for alcohol and opiate addictions.

Our clinical service will alleviate the complexities of delivering Vivitrol shot to you, allowing you to focus on the strengths of your program.

INSynergy will work with you to provide education about injectable Naltrexone, confirm insurance benefits, provide monthly injections and monitor for side effects.

Our staff will provide clinical reports and can also offer random urine drug screenings.

INSynergy is supervised by medical doctors certified by the American Board of Addiction Medicine, American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, and American Board of Internal Medicine.

Personalized Addiction Care

INSynergy will administer the Vivitrol shot (Naltrexone IM) only to patients who continue to receive comprehensive recovery support through outside providers. Our clinic can assist in navigating the often burdensome insurance issues, prior authorization related to the medication, medication administration, and follow-up visits.