What is INSynergy?

  1. 1.       Can Addiction be treated effectively?
    Yes. Addiction is a treatable disease. Discoveries in the science of addiction have led to advances in drug abuse treatment that help people stop abusing drugs and resume their productive lives.
  2. 2.       Can Addiction Be Cured?
    Addiction need not be a life sentence. Like other chronic diseases, addiction can be managed successfully.
  3. 3.       What is INSynergy?
    INSynergy provides an innovative, alternative to traditional 12- step and AA treatment models, and guided by evidence-based treatments. Our novel program is a 6 month, completely outpatient, model that incorporates an effective combination of FDA approved medications for addiction management with effective counseling. The type of therapy that INSynergy provides is called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  4. 4.       What’s different about INSynergy compared to other substance about programs?
    Only 23% of publicly funded addiction treatment programs use any of the FDA-approved medications for managing addiction. INSynergy provides an alternative approach to traditional 12- step and AA treatment, and guided by evidence-based treatments.
  5. 5.       Is INSynergy against the 12 Step or AA programs?
    No, INSynergy supports the fundamental messages of the 12 Step programs. However, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the type of therapy that is the focus while in the program.
  6. 6.       Do I have to go to a hospital to get detoxed?
    Most of the time detox can be achieved safely as an outpatient however INSynergy has relationships with medical stabilization hospital programs that will detox our clients in a hospital setting and then discharged to our program directly.
  7. 7.       Is this program confidential?
    This program protects the reputations of its clients. Many of our clients are high profile persons with public personalities. Our program assists them without a disruption in their professional lives.
  8. 8.       What kinds of medications does INSynergy use?
    The FDA has approved many medications for addictive disorders such as Vivitrol and Suboxone, however, there are many psychotropics that are being studied that hopefully in the future will give us more choices. When there are other medical or psychiatric conditions, INSynergy will recommend appropriate medications under the supervision of the psychiatrist. Medications are also commonly used during detox from alcohol or benzodiazepine addictions.
  9. 9.       Does Vivitrol work for heroin and opiate pain pills?
    Yes, Vivitrol™ was just recently approved by the FDA in treating opiate addiction. Before this, Vivitrol and Naltrexone had FDA approval for treating alcoholism by reducing the cravings for drinking. The physician will evaluate your condition and prescribe the most effective treatment for your recovery.
  10. 10.    What is Suboxone?
    Suboxone is an effective, safe medication approved by the FDA for use in the treatment of opioid addiction. Suboxone can be used as a detoxification or maintenance medication however we encourage a slow taper that may go beyond the time here at INSynergy. This will decrease risk of early relapse.