What is Vivitrol for?

VIVITROL is the first and only non-addictive drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration to prevent opioid dependence after patients have gone through opioid detoxification. Vivitrol is an injectable time released form of naltrexone that is taken once a month. Vivitrol acts on the brain’s receptors for pleasure, blocking the receptor’s ability to gain any reaction from chemicals such as heroin or opiate pain pills.

When opioids like heroin or pain pills are in your body, they send signals to the brain’s reward system, creating a euphoric feeling that can lead to addiction. VIVITROL blocks these signals. VIVITROL blocks the effects of opiates and prevents dependence.

  • VIVITROL is not addictive and does not lead to physical dependence
  • VIVITROL does not replace or act as a substitute for opioids
  • VIVITROL does not provide pain relief
  • Unlike opioids, VIVITROL does not create a “high”


INSynergy is an approved provider of Vivitrol, and we serve clients based in St. Louis, MO.